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<failure> LF1M HM Rav and ToS progression


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<Failure> Group Zero is looking for 1 more member to fill its ranks. We need 1 PT dps to round out the group.


We are 6/10 HM after just a weekend of progression, keep in mind this was with fill-ins from other groups, once we have a full grp set we will be able to perform even better.


We raid Friday/Saturday and possibly Sunday from 7-8/10-11pm server time.


We use mumble and starparse there should be no problem getting both set up.


A bit of background info on this group:


We are all in this for HM progression, we like to have fun but we are also serious about clearing content. We have hand picked some quality players that know their class and with just a few more skilled members we will be able to achieve some excellent progression on HM. A couple of us have been playing together for quite some time and we have great group chemistry.


If you do join the group we require near 100% attendance on raid days and expect you to show up prepared with stims, med-packs, grenades and adrenals. Everyone will have an equal opportunity on gear and we have a fair system set up, being a newer member will not make you get less gear.


When we try you out will be looking for raid awareness as well as dps numbers.


For more info whisper or send in game mail to Tyrans and I will get back to you asap.


(Do not apply on our guild site, contact me directly and after your tryout and acceptance into the group you will be invited to the guild)

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