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Red-Black Crystal having a whitish outline glow


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The new Red Black Crystal requires a lot of reputation, but in fact turns out to be rather a 3 colour crystal, white being the 3rd colour. With some lightsabres this effect is more pronounced than with others, but it's always there.

Here's a screenshot of Satele's Sabre with a Red-Black Crystal installed (both mainhand and offhand):


This is what it looks like with a Desolator's Starforged Sabre (mainhand, offhand is Satele's sabre):

http://postimg.org/image/v1s0he25d/full/ - Here the effect is not manifested as strongly, but is still noticeable.

Also note the positioning of the "blade" relative to the sabre hilt - the blade is not exactly coming out from the centre of the hilt but is a bit off to the side (may not so evident on this particular screenshot), but noticeable, also the blade's angle is different from the hilt's angle on this sabre (regardless of the crystal).

Now this is what a "stock" Qel-Droma Ancestral Blade looks like with the crystal:

http://postimg.org/image/eufxtbwhf/full/ - Notice the thick white aura due to the overall thickness of the "blade". And this is another issue with those crystals on old sabres - they produce a much thicker blade than "stock" crystals do. By stock here I mean old, those that were in the game before the packs and cartel market.

Also check the offhand sabre on this screenshot - it caught the rare moment between the constant flashes of white when the sabre probably looks almost as intended (only a slight touch of white at the base, due to another spark of white about to occur).


Now on Satele's sabre this whitish aura would sometimes disappear by itself during gameplay and the blade starts to look pretty much the same as on the Desolator's sabre (with minor whitish aura). Bloom has no effect on this.

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