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<It’s A Trap> [Republic] Open spot team Bormu


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It’s A Trap is international gaming community, that has both Republic and Empire guild on swtor.

The most activity is on the Republic side. With a history of social guild, we now more look like raiding guild with social and pvp members as well

Guild Progress 6/10 HM Rav & ToS


Currently we are looking for our team Bormu :

** A Tank

** A bunch of DPSes. Preferable ranged. Feel free to send us dummy parses to strengthen your application.

Raid time: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 19:00-22:00 British time


General requirements:

Character lvl 60;

You like your character & understand your role;

Some Ops experience;


You are able to join TeamSpeak;

You understand English;

(we use sign up system on our website, so if you have this website allergy, you will not be able to join the team)


How to apply:

On our website http://itsatrap1.enjin.com (include that you apply for Team Bormu)


For more info pls contact Bonzai (Team lead and GM):


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