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Anyone else feel they will try squeeze everyone in by the weekend?


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If they push it a bit, and techinically everything goes well..does anyone else feel they will try and squeeze everyone in by friday night?


I know most games launch all at once, and I realize in this particular game they are dealing with a larger group of people (I think WAR had 800k, this game seems to have pulled in US with digital around 1.3-1.5).


Having said that, every game in history launch all at once. Don't you all feel that four days should be enough to sort out server population (it's like comparing 800k in one day or 1.5 mil in 4 days = roughly 375k a day) To me 375k a day is more managable.


This is US numbers only, and I know there are more variables. But no matter which you way you look at it, BW will have to take the plunge.


To me this Friday will be the plunge if they get enough people in, I think the real test of the game (if they don't trickle people in) at roughly 6-9 eastern time, this Friday night.

If they survive Friday night, and have gotten the full or 3/4 of the ammount of pre-orders by then. They should be all set.


(I thought I read 800k testers were in the big weekend or was it a mil? And it went alright, maybe they will bump that to get everyone in by friday night)


Will BW/EA go the safe route? Or take a risk and make more people happy? Time will only tell!

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