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Huttball Tinker idea


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I'm probably a minority, but I love huttbal. Based on the idea from another thread. I just wanted to throw this idea out.


Hutball is more Sport than Warzone. For this reason the Teams should always be trying score. Though after hearing about some tactics about squirling the ball away on their side and just defending the ball. It's dull and not very sports like.


So a suggestion for the developers that makes Huttbal more thrilling. No class changes or rebalance and very fitting to Huttball.


The Ball gives the Carrier a debuff. The debuf is persistent through death and continues to stack whenever the Player has the ball. Occurs every 2 seconds. Multiplies ball damage. The ball delivers 10 damage every 2 seconds.


The Debuff is only removed when the ball makes a score. So the longer the ball remains in play the more a team gains the debuf effect and takes more damage holding ball. If one team dominates holding the ball. Then the ball slowly re balances the game.


The benefit is that this model increases the sports aspect of the game.

Players are encouraged to throw the ball. Holding it long term is bad.

Players are encouraged to throw to more variety of players.

Players are encouraged to create Plays. to reduce the amount of time the ball is in play.

Anyone team that overpowers is slowly rebalanced by quicker deaths.


Just a thought.

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