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I've come to realise that finding people to simply play the game with on the fly (and build friendships with) is now impossible. Back at launch it was easy to group up with one or two players and complete entire planets with them, now, nothing. I've found that general chat is dead apart from on Fleet, the starting planets and the capitals. It's almost like people are just getting a kind of tunnel vision and are happy to just do the solo content.


I am really eager to find people to play with, I'm currently on Alderaan on the Imperial side as my Jugg, Grothuu (my main) and Shaddaa with my Gunslinger, Rajah.


Please, if you're looking for an active, friendly player that wants to play the game and chat about pretty much everything, drop me a mail or reply to this so we can get together.


This goes for guilds too, I'm a fairly rusty RPer but always willing to flesh out my characters and currently on a mission to earn 5 million credits in order to finish my Juggs outfit. PvE is what I miss the most, at launch I got to 50 and just struggled to find players to do any Ops with, I want to experience everything!

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Well, the community on the Progen is small-ish, in the sense that most old players know each other through guild affiliation, RP or just interfaction pvp. Most people prefer to runs FPs and Ops among their own guilds and friends as they far decrease the chance of something bad happening, plus if something bad does happen its not a case of blame the PUG, heh.


You could try Mandalorian Hunters for imperial side. http://mandalorianhunters.enjin.com/page/266288/recruitment

Hope to hear from you soon if your interested.

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