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good game


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Since the forums are normally populated almost completely by the loudest, whiniest of trolls, i just wanted to say thanks. It was a polished beta, an amazingly smooth launch, over all a good experience. The game is fun, sure, there's stuff to be worked on, but the frameworks there for a fun space mmo that doesn't involve flying in circles or managing spreadsheets.



Good on ya. i'm not going to get into what i like, or what i don't, and I don't plan on ever coming back to this thread to argue my opinion with anyone.


I figure the absolute, single most sanity destroying job anyone can have a t a game company is "forum watcher".

Forum dwellers are mouthy scum, i should know, i am one, and the idea of not being able to call them out for being mouthy scum, having to be...NICE to them...ALL the time...sounds like a very special hell, (probably populated by telemarketers as penance).


so, merry christmas, and thanks for finally getting this thing out the door and into our hands.

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