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Wow back to over 10 million subs


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The ONLY reason World of Suckcraft has so many subbed players is any one can play the game its THAT easy you can have an IQ of 5 and be a master at that game oh and lets not forget you can go strait to level 90 now so there you go that's why they have so many players cause people today want it all given to them no one wants to work for anything or earn anything. no challenge at all if you want a game that is as exciting as coloring with crayons then its for you


Naaah, don't say that. It's not that simple. They do develop this game pretty decently. I was a huge fan of Everquest 2, before it got simplified and WoW-ized, and eventually made the game totally not fun to me. But then I moved to WoW, and I really enjoyed it. The thing is - WoW makes sense the way it is. Other games trying to become like WoW - basically commit suicides. I loved preCU and preNGE SWG, then they tried to be like WoW, introduced NGE and killed the game. But having loved the old, amazing, almost endless and difficult SWG, I also enjoyed WoW. You say it's simple - yeah, but it's also fun, because it's easy to digest. I received a free week of play from Blizzard before the latest expansion, and... I really enjoyed it. For the first time in 4 years I did enjoy it. But I basically left the game somewhere at the end of 2009. Today unfortunately it still seems to be the best proposal for people desiring a fantasy MMO.


And what did I like about WoW? Was it the simplicity? Not really... I loved that it was an almost living, breathing world, with things happening there, with the feeling of immersion for me. This is something I lack very much in The Old Republic - the planets seem a bit like instances, I don't get the feeling that I am exploring a planet, but rather a set of maps. Architecture is very similar, also fauna often doesn't differ that much. On top of this - I have absolutely no reason to visit different parts of the galaxy. I just follow the quests... that makes me feel a bit like a drone focused on missions, rather than a sentient being living a life in this amazing Galaxy. Having said that - I do LOVE The Old Republic, and even though I would prefer to have some stronger feeling of this open world, I understand the restrictions (though in SWG planets did feel like, well... planets), but I still pay monthly sub, and can't see myself NOT subbing TOR :).

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