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<Crimson Blood> PVE-PVP Guild Looking for Hm-Nim capable people


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Hi guys!


Crimson Blood is an old guild in the server mostly focused in PVE. We have a core group of players who have experience in Nim and we are looking to expand our numbers with HM capable people for the new content in 3.0 and also work to get Nim content done.

We are a friendly group of players always looking to have fun in ours runs with respect We have guilds funds for repairs and crafters to finish gearing people(augments mostly).


We run Hm ops almost everyday but we have tuesday, wednesday and thursdays for guild prog at 11pm est.


So if you know your class and you have done some Hm come join us; Just whisper Flaveel, Cortell or Mystrel for an invite or use Raids channel asking for a CB member.

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