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Constructive criticism on CS lack of uniformity


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It's not a matter of it existing the same for everyone, because it does. There are a lot of factors beyond just having a rule stating it should be like this. Until you know the actual process involved in what is being done none of us can state one way or the other whether what happened is the same or not. As someone who deals with these types of questions on an hourly, sometimes every couple of minutes when things break, basis, I can say that even when it appears to be the same, it isn't. It also depends on the person on the other end, what is their skill level? How long have they been doing the job? How well do they know what can and can't be done? CS can just wave a magic wand and fix everything, right?


This. A lot of people complaining don't realize that every "call" is different. Bob might call at 10:30 when its a slow spell, -and- get a CSR who has been fielding customer problems for 5+ years. Then Jim might call at 3:45 and get the noob who just started that morning, and is on his 34th call of the day, completely overwhelmed and lifeboating by clinging to that operations script to keep him afloat.


While in a perfect world, tbings will go smoothly, and everything would be resolved in the manner most satisfying to you, there are always factors that can throw you for a loop.


Think of it like one of those choose your own adventure books, but the page numbers your supposed to chose from got jumbled and end up in random places.

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