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Return of the social vendors.


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With the cap on NPCs lifted I was wondering if there was a possibility that Bioware was going to implement an idea that was suggested back during the test realm version of the strongholds.


It was suggested that Social vendors have NPCs that were themed after the local allies and enemies that could be placed to liven the strongholds a bit. Part of it was that some of us wanted to have NPC guards that were more mercenary type than military as a smuggler or bounty hunter wouldn't want faction guards getting in the way of underworld contacts. Part of it was that players wanted a way to breath a bit of life into larger areas like Nar Shadda and Tatooine.


Anyways it was a thought. Might make social vendors and the social level a bit more useful. Could probably tie it to legacy level as well if we wanted to get more use out of that.

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