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Bounty Hunter Face Markings: Nal-Huttese Phrase?


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So if you make a human Bounty Hunter, you can add some face markings on it that look like this. That image was taken from the tumblr 'skarik', for the record. There's also a dot on the far left side of the cheek. I translated it first off my character, and the markings are a little hard to decipher, but it is most certainly from the Nal-Huttese alphabet. From what I can tell it says Seek on the left cheek, Destroy on the right cheek, and Spacer on the neck. Apparently there's no official version of Nal-Huttese out, but the link to eaglefonts seems to be spot on, except for possibly 'o'.


Has anyone else looked into these markings?

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