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Plan B


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This piece is done in multiple parts. Posting as I finish them. Part 1


It had been a solid plan. A simple trade of not quite legal slicing equipment in exchange for access codes and some needed hardware. The plan went well until they landed on Bothawui. There should have been no issues landing in the backend of nowhere town that had been arranged as meet site, and there definitely shouldn’t have been a full military guard unit lying in wait for his ship to land. With everything that had happened it was clear that this had been more than just some odd series of coincidences, Argon had clearly been set up from the moment this operation had begun. The guard unit had to have been given information on him before he arrived considering how fast they found the hidden compartments under the galley floor, yet they didn’t seem to recognize the fact that Argon was a republic operative in republic space. It seemed like the calls to his friends in the senate were having trouble getting through and the arrangement for his time in court had been put on hold.


“That’s the last time I trust a Devaronian” said Argon as he paced his cell. It wasn’t a bad arrangement as far as restraining centers went. At least this time he had a cushioned bed and running water. Sadly along with the high end décor the place had high end security. The gates consisted of a set of powerful energy grids, the cameras were equipped with stealth detection systems and everything was monitored all hours of the day. Still, it wasn’t beyond possible to escape.


“Here are the extra blankets you asked for” The bothan guard said as he passed the thick fabric through the gap in the security wall. “Make sure you use the bottom one tonight. I hear it’s supposed to be exceptionally cold and dark this evening.” The guard moved on to other cells, passing the inmates books, blankets, or other small amenities they had asked for.


Relaxing on the bed, Argon reviewed the last of his escape details and more importantly, what he was going to do after he escaped. He had already planned a meet site just in case things had gone wrong. That had been a contingency arrangement he made sure to make since his time back at Port Nowhere. He still needed the things he came here for; running an underground empire wasn’t cheap and his new base on Tatooine had set him back quite a bit. Even with those costs in mind though, this job could keep the money flowing in for quite a while.


As sundown neared Argon went over to the blankets to lay them out for the night. He grabbed the one on the bottom first as the guard had mentioned when he noticed the slight metallic sheen that coated the fabric. As realization dawned on him Argon shook his head in amusement. “Risha, you beautiful genius, and here I was planning to play the old need to see the doctor routine. This will work much better.”


Argon moved to the corner of his cell as evening set in. He hoped that the last rays of sunlight was the only thing of crimson hue he would see tonight. As he stood by the wall of energy that blocked his escape route he once again processed his plan. One thing was clear, after this escape was over someone was going to pay for this. Whoever had set him up for a fall was going to find that there was more to Argon than just some flyboy that was stocked up on good luck. All that was left was the call to action from Risha and her mysterious contact.


And with that thought, the lights went out.

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