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SoR PvP recommendations


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I hope these are being considered for SoR's PvP changes


1) Different Arena/WZ queues -> Choice is a good thing. Forcing the population to participate in an activity they are not interested in is not a good thing.


2) Deserter penalties -> The moment a 2nd objective is claimed in Civil War/N Coast, 3 players bail and the wz is over. Disincentivizing this type of behavior will lead to more competitive pvp. The standard defense here has been "you can't choose, so this is your way of "choosing" to be in our out of a wz. That is a dumb idea. The first change would render that dumb idea wrong, and a 15 minute pvp time out would be appropriate.


3) map specific queues -> huttball is the greatest contribution the pvp swtor has going. I get happy about huttball like i got happy about early Arathi Basin or seige captures in Warhammer, in that, Huttball is so unique and so fun that it creates an experience all it's own in the mmo genre. If you like civl war, n coast, portals...whatever, same thing. Incentivizing each maps would be as simple as assigning a reputation or faction to it and giving out cool rewards to higher tiers of rep. Which leads me to my last hope


4) non-turd pvp rewards -> the rancor was cool, but that was it. There is no reason to play ranked because the rewards are a joke. The basic pvp sets have never looked good (save the mara battlemaster and maybe bh war hero...those were good). The dev team needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with 1) aesthetically pleasing 2) non-reskinned armor/rewards. Perhaps asking the question "would I personally care to work my tail off for this thing?" before handing it out would be helpful.

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