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Thank you BW for making SoR next to my Birthday.


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My Birthday is Dec 7th so this is a great thing to hear. I wish however there were more rewards for pre order other than a decoration.



"Hoped for Revan 3.0 "ravaged" armor and HK-47 Customization another great time to add that but didn't q.q."



Regardless I am a long time Revan Fan from Kotor 1 and 2. Despite naysayers this is the tribute Revan, and Malgus should have deserved in Swtor other than Flashpoints.



Hope to see some good Kotor nostalgia in both packs and content.



"Prays for a datacube like item in C.M. packs which gives you access to have Swtor remade cutscenes of Kotor 1 and 2 events in your stronghold to view as much as you want"

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