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New RP'er Starting out


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Just a quick hello, I was really wanting to try SWTOR RP as I love Star Wars and the game lost appeal with the content a long time ago. I have come back now and it seems there is a lot of new things. I hope to see you all in game and now I must decide on a class and story.
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Thanks for the welcome. I have been working on my characters origin story and thought I would post a section, to get some critique.


Part 1 – Discovery ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The crew of the Far Reacher had been in space now for a total of 5 months skirting around the edge of Sith space. Their mission as a Republic scout ship was to monitor any unusual activity and report back the intelligence they had gathered to the fleet.


It had been a long shift at the communications monitoring station for the new bridge officer Baldaine and he was struggling to keep his eyes open and the blurring and blinking display. Just as his head was about to hit the console, it lit up with a flash of lights and a repetitive beep, that signalled a transmission had been picked up. The signal was weak, and at the limits of the vessels sensor range, but Baldaine quickly dialled in the commands to boost the signal and shouted up to grab the attention of Commander Eastlight.


Eastlight was a grizzled veteran of the Republic and cursed his assignment aboard the Far Reacher, he had no willingness to waste his skills, flying backwards and forwards in the futile hope of stumbling across something of note. As he approached the station, he ordered Baldaine to play the message.


------------Begin Transmission-----------

“……… r ship damage……d……please……elp”

-------------End Transmission-------------


“Is that it?” demanded Eastlight in a somewhat annoyed tone.


“It is all I have” stammered Baldaine,


“What is the origin of the transmission? Can we determine friend or foe?” barked the Commander as if it was an inconvenience to him.


“Based on the encoding of the signal, it is not a Republic craft. The file structure is unfamiliar to our records Commander.” replied Baldaine.


Eastlight rested his hand on the back of Baldaine’s chair and placed the other on his chin, visibly considering his options. After a few moments his expression changed and Baldaine saw the steely focus in his Commanders eyes which came with years serving the Republic on the front line.


“Plot a course for the last known origin point of that signal, it is time we earned our keep.”


The Far Reacher’s drive engine span into action and the fast and nimble ship turned around and moved closer towards the edge of Sith space.


Part 2 - Alone---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


As the docking clamps released with a hiss, the taste of stale air hit the Republic troops. The damage was substantial, conduits and wiring were hanging from the ceiling and jets of scolding steam hissed at their side. The heat from the steam combined with claustrophobic re-breathers meant the sweat was dripping down the boarding party’s brows.


“Air conditions are in the low range of acceptable, masks are optional Commander” stated the trooper carrying a datapad.


Eastlight gave his team a nod and they one by one unclipped their masks, air hissed from the broken seals and the troopers looked glad to breathe on their own.


The troopers made their way to the bridge to be greeted by a foul and familiar smell….death. The corpse was in an advanced state of decomposition and slumped at the main flight console. A large piece of shrapnel protruded from its back, which was almost certainly the cause of death. Eastlight took a step towards the corpse and could make out from the clothes that it was a large female humanoid, the skin had mostly become pale and thin but he could still a hint of reddish hue. He looked down at the console and could make out the woman had survived long enough to shut down all essential systems other than life support and some food units in the rear quarters.


There were no indications of who had attacked the vessel, or its origin. Most of the computer systems were too damaged to tap into, but the Commander left one of his troopers to work on them.


As the boarding party moved through the rest of the shuttle there were no signs of other survivors, room by room, the dimly lit emergency lights left no further clues as to what had happened and the ship was deathly silent other than the still hissing jets of steam. The final hatch hissed as the clamps released and from the dark room a blaster bolt burned through the chest of the first trooper. He fell to the floor with a grunt and the remaining troops fired a barrage into the room in reply. The assailant, a droid, exploded as the bolts made contact with its chest. The smoke cleared and noise of blaster fire was replaced with a child's cries. The small red infant had taken a hit to his arm and was bleeding onto the metal floor.


Shocked at the sight of the infant, the Commander ordered one of the troopers to quickly get the child to safety. The trooper without hesitation leapt forward to scoop him up and to get him to the Far Reacher’s medical bay.


The ships surgical droid was able to heal the blaster wound with minimal scarring and the unusual red child was kept contained until a decision could be made on his fate. Eastlight had immediately reported back to the Republic fleet with his findings and after been placed on hold for what felt like an eternity, he was instructed to hold position while an expert was dispatched to meet them.


Two days had passed and the Far Reacher was hailed from a small republic craft. The craft had high ranking credentials and made its way to dock without hesitation. In the docking bay a tall hooded figured emerged from the craft and walked with a confidence that was unnatural. The Commander greeted the figure but the reply was cold and calculated "take me to the child". The child was on the floor in the medical bay playing with the flashing lights on a datapad when the hooded figure approached, he stood for a moment and the child's gaze fixed on the dark shadow where the face should have been.


The figure pulled back his hood and revealed was the dark skinned ***** head of a male Zabrak. A small smile formed at the corner of his mouth as he spoke the words "We have great things to achieve, you and I" he picked up the child and returned to his craft almost as quick as he had arrived.



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