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There's no competing for kills in SWTOR


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i am glad it is being done so that we dont get 500K people in the starting areas compeating for kills...


Darth Freki



Please ppl, I've seen this posted too many times by too many people.


You surely weren't in beta...


In SWTOR the maps are sharded, you get the same competition for kills on quests if there are either 80 ppl on ur map or 9million people on your map.


The server shards like nar shadaa(1) nar shadaa(2) nar shadaa(3), each with about 80 people. This isnt like WoW (which i guess is the only other mmo you know)


so this thing of "oh i prefer to wait than to have to compete for my kills" its dumb, first of all even if you could log in noone would force you to do it if you didnt wanted to compete, or you could level in warzones,


second of all: all class quests and some of other quests are in private zones that only you can enter.


third of all: the sharding thing.


There's no competing for kills in swtor, understand that.

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