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Looking for fellow roleplayer's


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Howdy all,


I'm currently playing as a Jedi Knight character on the Begeren Colony server. I was wondering if anyone would be up for some Jedi specific or general roleplay?


I'm a very serious roleplayer and have been rping for 7 years.


My Character Profile is here for you to read over if you are interested:




I look forward to a response.


Cheers. :)

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Greetings, Araek.


I am a very heavy, serious RPer as well and would be interested in a partnership. However, I am on The Ebon Hawk server. If you would be interested in making a character on my server I would be more than happy to create two characters and Rp from level one. If you would like to contact me in game, My characters on The Ebon Hawk on the republic side are Mathaeus, Skyve, and Oba'dur. On the sith side; Argaeus and Achael.


If not, send me a message on here in the form of a reply. Thanks :)

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