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About the Galaxy Alliance Roleplay Community

The Galaxy Alliance Roleplay Community is a community of guilds on the Ebon Hawk server in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


We have come together because we enjoy telling our stories with one another to make Ebon Hawk a more immersive server for those who love to role play. Although most of us are considered heavy role players, we have all levels within our guilds and are willing to work and help others better develop their role play abilities.


If you would like to learn more about the Galactic Alliance, check out our website:

The Galactic Alliance Website


Guilds of the Galactic Alliance

  • Argent Watch (Republic)
  • The Brotherhood of Raiskus (Imperial)
  • Mandalorians of Recluse (Imperial)
  • The Marran (Republic)
  • Ven Zallow Academy (Republic)


Important Links of the Galactic Alliance


Important Galactic AllianceInformation

  • Created the ASA (All-Stars Ablaze) system (Jaran) for use in large scale boss encounters).
  • Created the Fleet Action system (Jaran) for use in fleet vs fleet encounters.
  • Created the Broadside system (Jaran) for use in ship to ship combat.
  • Currently, we role playing in 20 ATC <3633 BBY>, following the events of Chapter 9 of the Knights of the Fallen Empire.


The ASA system has gone through many revisions based on feedback by many of the GA community. The latest revision has added a new level, level 5! This gave the heroes, who have participated in enough events, access to Legendary Abilities.


History of the Galactic Alliance

  • Formed on July 12, 2013, (The Brotherhood of Raiskus (Morek), Delta Company (Airek), and Pathfinder (McCay))
  • Saber Seventeen joined the Galactic Alliance on November 2, 2013
  • Starbreaker Cartel joined the Galactic Alliance on January 13, 2014
  • Mandalorians of Recluse joined the Galactic Alliance on August 5, 2014
  • Argent Watch joined the Galactic Alliance on January 1, 2015.
  • Saber Seventeen was removed from the Galactic Alliance on March 6, 2015.
  • Pathfinder was removed from the Galactic Alliance on April 10, 2015.
  • The Marran joined the Galactic Alliance on April 12th, 2015.
  • Ven Zallow Academy joined the Galactic Alliance on May 27, 2015.
  • Delta Company has merged with Argent Watch on January 8, 2016.
  • Mandalorians of Recluse have closed their doors as of January 26, 2016.



Argent Watch

Since the start of the galactic war, the forces of good have fought hard. When the events of the invasion of Tython and Korriban leading to many unanswered questions, the Jedi Order and the Republic came to the same conclusion. We are stronger together than apart. From this, they contacted the Corellian Jedi and other aspects that have helped them in the past in the war against the Sith Empire.


And so forth, the Argent Watch was formed. Aboard the RSS Affinity, the Argent Watch travel around the galaxy, battling against the Sith Empire and other forces of evil that rear its head. Saving countless lives of innocent people in the Republic and throughout the galaxy, the Argent Watch always remain vigilant against the forces of evil.


Argent Watch has several goals. To fight against the Imperial Army and the Sith and stop them from destroying the galaxy. To seek out and find other sinister evils hiding throughout the galaxy and put a stop to them. To continue the coalition of forces within the Argent Watch to be a beacon of what is good in the galaxy.


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The Brotherhood of Raiskus

The Brotherhood of Raiskus is a coalition of Sith and their power bases, working to destroy the Republic and end the Jedi Order. The Brotherhood of Raiskus strives to be free of the infighting that plagues the rest of the Sith Empire, all the meanwhile defending itself from power mongers outside of the Brotherhood.


The Brotherhood consists of many power bases and villains seeking glory, power, and the death of the Jedi.


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The Marran

The Marran are a group of individuals who have united under common goals: eradication of the Dark Side, protection of the innocent, and doing what's right. No matter what walk of life a Marran is from, they believe in doing the right thing, no matter where faction lines are drawn. Led by Archon Ihlrath Onerious, a Jedi Master, the Marran are made up of a number of subsects.


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Ven Zallow Academy

Ven Zallow Academy (VZA) is a traditional Jedi training academy role-play guild set during the era of the Galactic Republic.


The academy was established in 13 ATC (3640 BBY) following a harsh Revanite strike made against the Jedi Temple on Tython. The Jedi decided it would be beneficial to set up a new training facility, and while some considered it redundant, most agreed that a second haven for learning was better than one. The addition of this new academy would allow for more students to be trained at once, and could serve as a backup in the event of another attack on Tython.


The Jedi Council decided that a stronger Jedi presence on Coruscant would improve relations with the Republic, and also allow for greater ease of access between the Republic’s various departments and the Jedi at that academy, should assistance from the Jedi be needed. The plan was submitted to the Senate, who approved the measure and allocated an unused facility to house the academy.


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The Galactic Alliance Event Series

  • All Stars Ablaze*
  • All Stars Awakened
  • Apex of the Ancients
  • Blood in the Water*
  • Dark Ascension
  • The Heritage Campaign
  • Rise of the Contender
  • The Unknown Hand of Fate*


All Stars Ablaze

The All Stars Ablaze story is part of the Galactic War between the Republic and the Empire. Each side battles for planets and systems, to save or enslave them. Who will win?


Dark Ascension

A dark one has reawaken from a long sleep. Seeking the power from six stones, the dark ones's plan will once against begin. The heroes must decide if they will fight against this dark one or join the dark one.


The Heritage Campaign

A combined fleet of Imperial 7th Fleet, under the command of Admiral Zhej'arro'nahn, and Task Force Recluse Mandalorians, under the command of Buir Daxx Armetrius, landed on the desolated and toxically contaminated world of Basilisk, uprooting several bands of pirates and scavengers in the process. The purpose and reasoning for this are as yet unknown, however there are four warships in a Low-Support Orbit over the planet.


Republic SIS assembled a team of operators to investigate the incident, conducting a covert recon mission of the planet. Comprised of elements from the Republic's Elite Delta Company and Pathfinder Enclave, and under the command of Argent Watch's SIS Handler Sylesse Starfire, the Republic team discovered the Mandalorian/Imperial Base situated amidst a neighborhood of ruined War Droid Factories. After gaining what intel they could, the team withdrew to report back to SIS High Command.


The Uknown Hand of Fate

A mysterious being calling itself Fate has appeared before the heroes on the Republic and the Empire, challenging them to stop death from destroying the galaxy. Is Fate what it claims or is it some plot against the heroes?



Any event series marked with an asterisk means the event series has ended.

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Saved for Updates and additional information.


1/17/2015 - Added Argent Watch to the guilds part of the Galactic Alliance.

1/20/2015 - Removed Starbreaker Cartel as the guild is closing its doors.

1/8/2016 - Delta Company merged with Argent Watch.

1/26/2016 - Removed Mandalorians of Recluse as the guild is closing its doors.

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  • Add more event series that are taking place in the GA.
  • Added about the ASA and Broadship system that was created by Jaran (BoR leader).
  • Fixed some minor errors in the top informational posts.


The ASA system has gone through many revisions based on feedback by many of the GA community. The latest revision has added a new level, level 5! This gave the heroes, who have participated in enough events, access to Legendary Abilities.

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With the KotFE expansion, the Galaxy Alliance will be doing events that will coincide with the Eternal Empire's invasion and lead us to 20 ATC.


These events will go from the end of November through the end of December.

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As the Galaxy Alliance grows and shrinks, we are always looking for guilds that fit into our tiny community.


For any guild that might be interested, please make sure that your guild would have its own niche to be in so there will be little to no overlap between guilds, which will allow them to grow.


If your guild in interested, please check this out.

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