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Anyone else think Dark Side corruption was done wrong?


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I think the Dark Side corruption in this game is poorly implemented. Red eyes? Super pale skin? When and where has any Sith other than SWTOR had that? Darth Maul had yellow glowing eyes but no pale skin, Anakin had yellow glowing Sith eyes and no pale skin, and Darth Sidious has yellow glowing Sith eyes.


I really think they need to redo the Dark Side corruption.


Here are some good examples, with some not being from films:













I rest my case. Anyone else think they should make Dark Side corruption look like the above images? It really bothers me that Dark Side corruption...looks nothing like Dark Side corruption.

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Palpatine's "corruption" is actually just a result of reflected force lightning apparently, and also of being really old. On the opposite hand, I think it would be nice if they had a light side version of dark side corruption, I'd like my sith pureblood guardian's eyes to turn blue because that would look crazier than a pureblood with yellow eyes having them turn red.
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