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Questions about the BBA


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This may be a dumb question because searches for the answer myself have turned up nothing, so its probably a simple answer. How do you start the missions for the BBA?


The event needs to be active. It happens one week out of every month.

It should be back in two weeks from now if I'm not mistaken. (It always starts on a tuesday, the second or third tuesday of the month. Usually the second.)


And you start it by talking to the bountyhunters that are escorting a carbonized prisoner. They'll be near all the elevators on the fleet when the event's on.

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And just a general overall of how the event works:


* All characters level 15 and higher can participate in the event.


* The intro mission is picked up by clicking the carbonite prisoner that appears by any of the fleet elevators when the event is running. It will direct you to the Cartel Bazaar through the north or south elevator and rewards you with a free interrogation probe and friendly drink. (I'll explain those in a bit.)


* Bounty missions are picked up from a terminal which appears in the Cartel Bazaar while the event is running. You will see a list of planets to choose from where you will chase down a random henchman that works for the main target for that planet. These options are unlocked by level, but the format of the missions are identical no matter which scenery you choose so it doesn't matter too much. Each character may only pursue one henchman per day. Once you accept one of the missions, the other options will go away.


* You go to the planet to talk to the client. They'll tell you to go talk to some shady characters to collect information about your target. There are three ways to get this information: One is a generic / neutral mission item made available for free while that mission step is active. The other two are the interrogation probe and the friendly drink, which are consumable items which you can purchase extra copies of from a vendor in the Cartel Bazaar or near the client on each planet. These can be used instead of the neutral option to earn dark side or light side points. Once you're done getting the information you'll talk to a contact and get directed towards a randomly chosen beacon where you'll fight a henchman. After you kill or capture them and turn the mission in, you'll be rewarded with a Completed Bounty Contract and another free probe and drink.


* Once you have done the above five times (different characters or same character doesn't matter, you can send all your completed contracts over to one character) or otherwise acquired five contracts (people put them on the GTN) you can spend your contracts to unlock the kingpin mission for one of the planets. Each character may pursue one henchman and one kingpin per day, and the kingpins have the additional restriction of being weeklies instead of dailies. So a character can only do more than one kingpin mission per week if they've unlocked more than one of them. Note that these unlocks only apply to that character but they will carry over when the event returns, so eventually a character could have every possible option available at the start of the week.


* When you pick up a kingpin mission, you'll go to the planet to talk to the client and they will direct you towards a general area to search in. You'll release some small probes and then you'll scan them with some macrobinoculars. This directs you towards the kingpin's location. Note that kingpin missions should generally be thought of as "Heroic 2+". Soloing them can be possible if you're really well geared up and know what you're doing, but it's generally better to bring a group.


* Concerning grouping up for bounties (shady character, henchmen, and kingpin fights) note that the enemies that spawn in will always scale to the same level as the highest level group member.


* Also, with all of the henchmen and kingpins, being able or unable to solo any of them may vary for you personally depending on your class and companion, and depending on fight mechanics and how much that enemy likes to abuse knockbacks.


edit: Oh yeah, I forgot to add one other thing I was going to make note of. There are a total of 8 possible henchman, and each planet will randomize between a specific subset of 5 of those. So if you want to fill out your achievements for both capturing and killing all of the henchmen it may help to look up where they can each show up. Don't worry about that until you're close to getting them all and just need a few specific ones though.

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