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The Sith Emperor: 3.0 & What Came Before


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English is not really my native tongue so in case I do mess up, my apologies beforehand. I still think most of what I type is comprehensible but you never know. :D


In this thread, I'll be referencing events from the Imperial Agent, Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior class stories, especially from the last two. I do so because it adds much needed context to many aspects pertaining the Emperor and those around him. If you're fine with that, assuming you haven't finished them, read on please. ;)


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To illustrate the current state of affairs concerning the "galaxy's greatest villain"; What came before and what may be coming next.


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"A Deadly Force Returns" Visual Hints ( A light description on an element that stood out from that teaser )

Revan, 3.0 & the Infinite Empire ( Revan's link to the Rakatan Infinite Empire )

Revan, 3.0 & the Infinite Empire ( Part II ) ( In-depth analysis of the teaser, plus my interpretation of it )


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And now onto business:



The above was posted on Facebook in early June 2014, around the time Timothy Omundson ( Aric Jorgan ) and Cat Taber ( Vette ) reported to be doing the exact same.


There's always this to consider but then again, it is fair to assume they were all submitting stuff for 3.0.


Now that we got that out of the way, onward. ;)


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As most people have probably gathered from playing the game, the Emperor is ancient. Truly ancient.


, the Emperor came to power shortly after Naga Sadow fled to exile in Yavin 4 with his Massassi Warriors, on the aftermath of the Old Empire's defeat in the Great Hyperspace War. Leading the survivors to Dromund Kaas, shortly after the Republic chose to commit outright genocide on the people of Korriban, he promised his would be servants they would usher in a new era of conquest, might and further down the road, vengeance on the Republic.


As the centuries came to pass and the Emperor became the more secluded, many details surrounding him were lost to history and as a wise lady once said, history became legend and legend became myth.


Some myths may be harmless, like the one who claims the Emperor wreaked havoc on the weather in Dromund Kaas, the dark sky and clouds always crackling with lightning; Others, if accurate, may be considered more... Disturbing in their nature.


One of these myths claims the Emperor was born in the planet Medriaas, during a time where Marka Ragnos was the de facto leader of the Old Sith Empire, prior to Naga Sadow. Displaying great prowess in the Force from an early age, Tenebrae -- as he was known back then -- overthrew the then-ruling Sith Lord of Medriaas and was bestowed by Marka Ragnos the title of Lord Vitiatae.


What follows next is where myth ends... and horror begins:









Though it's obvious most of his "servants" are unaware of the above -- lest their devotion falter in the wake of such revelation -- there are those whose subversive actions and words clearly indicate otherwise:



  • Following his "resurrection", Darth Jadus
. Whether or not this means to suggest he has an idea of what is to come is uncertain. If the player character chooses to become the Hand of Jadus however, an optional mission on Hoth provides him with the information to fill in the gaps. Now knowing for sure what the Emperor plans, he goes into hiding, only to
after the cataclysm.



  • Darth Baras, after becoming a Dark Council member,
-- more on the Voice later -- on Voss. Though Baras does this to ascertain his position as the New Voice, it is also heavily implied both
-- the latter
- knew what the Emperor planned.
, when Sel-Makor says he struck a deal with a Sith, decades ago.



  • In the aftermath of the Makeb Crisis, Darth Marr seems to imply
Now with the latter
, Marr claims the Empire has a chance to forge itself under a new banner, one


On the other hand, subversive ones aside, there are also those who follow the Emperor and cater to his every whim, out of loyalty, indoctrination or resignation:



  • The Children of the Emperor:
    Indoctrinated from an early age by the Emperor himself, the Children seem to share a link with
, the latter even being capable of
Meant to undermine the Republic's war effort and infiltrate its lower and higher echelon -- including the
-- the Children were eventually



  • The Emperor's Fallen Jedi:
    The broken remnants of a Jedi strike force led by Master Tol-Braga, their original aim was to
; Instead they all fell like countless Jedi before them --
Tol-Braga himself went in so far as to say the Emperor would



  • The Emperor's Hand:
    Enigmatic. Driven. Secluded;
Sharing a connection with its members --
, they serve the Emperor and his Voice alone. When the Voice is "released" following the death of its host,



  • Executor Krannus:
    Attaining a high-ranking position in his adulthood as an Executor, Krannus was a pureblood Sith who was Force-blind, a rarity among his kind.
, they were meant to kick-start the ritual by which
, fanatically believing they were somehow to



  • Lord Fulminiss:
    Said to be
, Fulminiss was dispatched to Voss, another minion in the Emperor's service to
Failing in his endeavor and winding up dead,



  • Voice of the Emperor:
    Regarded as
, the Voice is probably the most puzzling element pertaining the Emperor.
, it is meant to be
Ever since the Treaty of Coruscant, the Emperor "used" at least three beings to host his Voice,
It was the Voice that the Jedi Knight supposedly
, although the Hand would certainly dispute that claim. Months later, supported by the Jedi and the SiS, Supreme Chancellor Saresh announces to the galaxy that


- - - -




As you can see from the above, following his confrontation with the Jedi Knight, reports about the Emperor are conflicting at best: The Republic believes him to be

, while Darth Marr claims he's
The Emperor's Hand on the other hand -- pun intended -- reaffirms the Emperor lives and that the ruse serves its purpose.


Amidst all this, Revan returns yet again, bound to



What follows is a careful examination of some clues and pathways available, following the Emperor's "disappearance".



  • The "Wrenched" Voice:


As mentioned earlier, not content with denouncing those who'd say their Master is dead, Servant One of the Hand claims "the Emperor's consciousness was wrenched from his Voice." This ties into what is said earlier, when Servant One affirms the

Is it fair to assume the Voice acquired a life of its own? That the Voice -- like Sel-Makor for example -- became a separate entity altogether? Possibly even trying to usurp the Emperor himself?


After the Jedi Knight defeats the Voice on Dromund Kaas, one of its companions -- Kira Carsen, a former Children of the Emperor --

, who asks for help since she can still hear her "Father". What is curious about this is that
Are both the Voice and the Emperor whispering to her, separately?


Do note that from all the planets the developers could have gone for,

; A coincidence or something more? Something meant to imply the Voice started to become self-aware, independent of its Master? That being trapped by the Emperor was no different from being



  • "Before One Who Is Not One:"


The above is a reference to the mail Sith Inquisitors receive, shortly after completing part three of Forged Alliances. Below follows an extract:


The Force roils and convulses like never before. I reached out to study its peculiar activity, and in turn it showed me what is to come. You stand on a moon, defiantly, before one who is not one. You do not stand alone, but fail all the same.


Though some claim this means to imply the man on the moon is Revan, being controlled by the Emperor, I believe otherwise.


Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things, Revan... and yet, you are nothing. In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone.


It the past, Bioware went already for something similar,



  • The Emperor's Lightsaber:


As everyone can glimpse from the teaser, Revan seems to own a secondary lightsaber now. Seeing that the hilt is identical to the one the Voice of the Emperor uses to face the Jedi Knight, some wonder if this isn't another clue the Emperor is controlling Revan.


Consider the following though: One, the lightsaber hilt the Voice owns on Voss is considerably different, being identical to this one. Second, the hilt seen in the teaser is used throughout the game by many characters, including Darth Malgus following his insurrection.


HOWEVER, it should also be noted that Revan wields EXACTLY the same lightsaber hilt he did on the Foundry, both being similar to the one from the cover of "Revan". In other words, it is unlikely they'd go for that attention to detail in one aspect and go random on another.


Red herring? Or is it truly a hint? Questions, questions... :o



  • "I will finish what I've started:"


This one is fairly straightforward.


, and
, Revan still thinks


All things considered, even if his plans grinded to a halt, it is logical to assume the Emperor still seeks to pursue his original agenda,

as seconded by Servant One.


As I mentioned in an earlier thread, I think that's what the teaser seeks to imply: When Revan turns around and draws his lightsaber , he's surely aware that the only thing that separates him from a higher role, purpose, plane of existence or perhaps "ascendance" -- as represented by the object in the middle of the room -- is exactly that...



- - - -


And I guess that wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed this -- not so brief -- thread surrounding the Emperor and those around him. September is coming to a close so more info pertaining 3.0 is surely impending. :cool:

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