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GTN Item Listing Rehaul


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I propose a partial rehaul to the GTN and the interface. I've been selling and buying off the GTN for a while, and something that's really bugged me is how, when your listing expires, it mails it back to you and then you have to manually re-list it. This get's to be quite the burden when you have your listings maxed at 50 (I do alot of archaeology) and then have to manually re-list all of those if nobody buys them. I propose that, instead of mailing your items back to you when the listing expires, you receive a mail that says something like 'Your listing for (23) items has expired, please retrieve them at your convenience' or something, and the GTN UI be tweaked to include another tab that shows all the items that expired, and has an option to either re-list the items or return them to your inventory. It could be done with a selection method like the mail terminal, where you can manually select which mail to be deleted, or select all of your inbox at once. I think that would be really useful (you could even extend the time limit from 2 days to 5 or something).


Another idea I had would be some form of a Galactic stock market that you could buy stock in/trade stock/sell a la GTA-style. There would definitely be no shortage of corporations/brands to invest in, and you could even have the prices be influenced by players/events (like flashpoints that lead you to strike at a certain corporation) where strikes against them could cause their prices to go down, etc. I think this would be a fantastic new addition to the game, and allow players greater control over how they make money. I mean, you guys practically already created an economy with the GTN....people are always buying and selling items on it, and advertising stuff they crafted in the chat. It could even be implemented within the guilds, whereas the guild master can buy stock and if it makes a profit, then everyone in the guild gets part of it. This might even fuel new PVP guild conflict, where one guild raids a facility that another guild has stock in, and if they win then the opposing team's stock plummets in price, but if they lose, then the defending team's stock rises (like if the corporation advertised that they were able to defend their facility, people might think that they are worth an investment and invest.)


Just a though, although the second idea is a bit more work, I think they would both make the game alot more fun to play.

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