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importance of diversity


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In my honest opinion I think this game is great but it hasn't reached it's full potential! I think SWTOR has the potential become an even greater MMO experience than it is today! What I find it really lacks is diversity, the ability to really customize your character to become YOUR unique character. It's the small details like how the twi'leks "head-tails" are styled (falling on their backs or around their neck or on their chests) or as simple as being able to chose the color intensity of the eyes. I have played SWTOR on and off since its release but I never really got in to it because I didn't feel as though I was a unique. PLEASE implement more customization tools/options in the future! Presets are fine if you just want to indulge yourself in the stunningly beautiful worlds and well-written stories but as a huge fan (not saying not wanting as may options doesn't make you a huge fan) I implore you to have in mind and not underestimating the felling of being special and unique!
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