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Got to max 450 in cybertech but it seems I can only make level 53 items max. How come the final crafting trainer tier says 51-55? Shouldn't it say 51-53? Do I have to be level 55 to make them?


I beleive its mostly to eliminate abuse on tech parts for augments


Any green, blue/purple level 54-55 item (not mods/enhancements/armor plates) will reverse engineer into tech parts which are used for high end augments


The 53 stuff you mention will result in grade 8 tech parts


This forces you to use higher end/more costly items to make the grade 9 tech parts


This is my guess on this anyways


PS: There is no level restrction beyond level 10 to craft items


I have a number of level 10 characters who run 450 missions and make 450 (level 53-55) items

Long as you have the credit source to fund the crafting, and long as you can reach fleet to learn the crafting skill

you can craft it

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