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Optimal Rotation for Vigilance Guardians


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Dear Vigilance Guardians



Are you slaughtered by Imperial Snipers, without a chance of closing the gap and doing some real damage?


Do you miserably fail to cast a Master Strike every 10,5 seconds?




This may be the solution for you:



This is the Imperial version of a rotation for the Vigilance Guardian. As all important attacks have defined positions, it is impossible to mess up any timings, no matter how tired, drunk or stoned the boss of your Jedi is.


A detailed description can be found in the Juggernaut forum:



This is the short version:

Dispatch can be expected to proc 4 times during one rotation, the exact position is unknown. In this case the next Force Sweep has to be skipped. If Dispatch is greyed out, the next Force Sweep must be cast to prevent timing problems.

Dispatch or Force Sweep is used, not both.






The second screenshot shows an alternative way how to position attacks on the quickbars.

It is still the same rotation, I have just removed the smash-placeholders.


A short description how to use this rotation, for people who don’t want to go through the whole, detailed text:


The Destroyer proc. can occur only once in 20+ seconds, during one rotation Vicious Throw will not be available twice. The exact position is unknown. The cooldown of the next attack after a failed proc of VT will end in 1,5 seconds, just skipping VT is not possible. Instead a different attack has to be executed that takes the spot that was originally meant for VT.


You can pick one attack that fits best to the situation:

e.g Smash if you stand in a group of mobs, Saber Throw or Slash against a single enemy or Force Push if a reset of your Force Charge is important.


After that substitution you can continue with the rotation, delays of Ravage, Shatter, Impale and Force Scream were avoided.





Thats all, simple.








The Red Eclipse

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