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What class would Hit Girl from Kick Azz be?


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There is not an outfit that matches Kick Azz, so I'm going with Hit Girl. I can make her.


What class would Hit Girl be? My thoughts and order is as follows, in order, but they're so close, I cant decide.


(A) Gunslinger? 2 blasters, darts, grenades


(B) Sent? Duel wielding purple vibrosword katanas. Martial Arts like moves. She did train under Jackie Chan for 4 months.


© Operative? Knife attacks. Small Rifle looks pistol-ish


If you read this, you can explain your answer, but an (A), (B), or © answer is fine too. Thanks.

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Although Assassin and (dark) Sent would be logical, it's only limiting the character to one of her styles.


After talking with some more ppl familiar KA comics as well as movies, it makes it a more complex picture. A guy and I settled in on two versions.


The movie HG would equal lethal or engineer Gunslinger (in both attitude and the varied assortment of weaponry,) and the savage, stealthy, expert knife wielding HG from the comics would be more of an Op. She was so vicious and evil in the comics that would suit her.


Now what about Big Daddy. I'm kinda thinking commando even though he never actually used a Gatling gun. Maybe Vanguard. I can make his outfit.


I can't find any armor that even remotely resembles KA.


And forget about Mother F'er, lol


I don't want him, even for this set of crafting alts

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I've decided to do do her in 3 characters with the 12x story xp. (1) movie version: gunslinger. Sly wit and dual wield weapons. (2) Sent or maybe Mara. If you look at the collection of KA 1 graphic novel, you see that two short ninja swords (not katana) are her weapons of choice. Dripping in blood. (3) Comics = definitely Op knife assassin. Evil as hell. Only problem is the agent class has a proper British accent. We'll see. She is so evil in the comic ... I want her to be a sent to do the JK story which I haven't yet.


Anyway, thanks for your input. more is also welcome.


What other classes do you see and try to emulate. My original was Oren-Ishishii. I made ther the 17 year old in the latex red assassin suit with the Barrett .50 sniper in all 180's

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