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My personal list of bugs(and you didnt fixed about a month several of them)!!


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Its my personal list of bugs that wasnt fixed by you BW. I tired to just receive you standart messages via in-game support:

"Thank you for submitting bug report...bla-bla-bla..we will fixed it next year cause we are too busy with CM". I paid my sub so please do finally usefull not just more scrap for you CM!


1. Ticket 13941185(22.08.2014-02.09.2014(10 days and nothing!!)) - my items from Luxury and Spacer's decoration bunndles are bound. They didnt have timer like all others items from CM, just was bound to me constant. I really want it to donate to guild bank but i cant do it since GSt was released. You cant fix it? Really? You cant fix even your lovely CM's bugs?


2. Ticket 14110749(14.09.2014 - 16.09.2014) - Gree light pillar(blue) bug - even if you have it at personall decorations or guilds decos decoration window shows that you dont. You know about that and dont have ETA.


3. Ticket 14030158(03.09.2014 - 09.09.2014(6 days for answer and nothing, really?)) - Missed Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event achivements( I dont have 3 - "Sounds of rain", "Instant win", "Hot shots"). You know about this bug too. And no ETA again. I really want it back!!


4. Ticket 13941512(22.08.2014 - 02.09.2014(10 days!!!)) I didnt recive( as many other players) class signs for achevements. You know about this bug too. No ETA(why Im not surprised).


And some new bugs. I didnt recieve answer for them yet, but i guess it will be the same( = nothing).

5. Ticket 14141565(18.09.2014-??) I didnt recieve achivement "Alderaan Civil War: Punching Bag" althoug i recieved around 375k damage( but it asks to recieve at least 100k) at last wz( i just finally decided to check it).


6. Ticket 14148653(19.09.2014-??) I did around 20 Diplomacy missions(maybe even more) and still didnt recieve even one purple resource. Are you serious? How much more i must to do to recieve it with you broken random system? You know you random system suck everywhere: ops and fl. loot, missions loot( ye, 3 datacrons from 8 heroics at Nar Shaddaa and 1 of them from blue box and one from champ that was on my way to heroic. 1 datacron from 8 heroics? Omg that suck too hard), and the most annoying - crew skill missions.


So 6 bugs at one month and you have 2 answer: no ETA or stantdart csr message. Plase start to fix it more actively. I dont need new packs every month! But i really need game without so silly bugs. You missed Tuesday maintance and you started to do it more often. Why? You dont have bugs to fix? I dont think so!

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