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I'm looking at a new pc for school but I do want it be able to play old republic. I'm a bit biased towards Lenovo as I've had one for a few years and enjoy the design.


I'm not very knowledgeable about technical specs and was hoping someone here could help me understand if the computer I'm looking at fits the minimum requirements for the game as well as hoping that someone may actually have the computer I'm looking at who could let me know how it runs for them.


I'm looking at the Lenovo Z50 and I'd appreciate if somone could look at it and see if it meets minimum requirements.


If you have a laptop that you like that you would be able to suggest I would appreciate that as well. I'm looking to spend $750 at the most but lower is always better.


I really just need it for college so I'm needing something durable and SWTOR is the only game that it would really need to run

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