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Makeb GSI buff in mission items? Would be great if we could have this


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I was just wondering if there is a possibility for having that gsi terminal buff in the mission items. Make it to where its only usable starting at lev47 and only on Makeb. I would be all for it cause everytime I do a flashpoint or anything of that nature when I come back I lose that buff and I end up having to use my quicktravel and that be placed on the cooldown again, or option 2 is agro everything in the whole area while running cause some of the attacks my toons do miss the target and possibly get another high repair bill. Just my suggestion is can we please get a GSI mission terminal re-usable buff in our mission items so when we travel back to the same area after a flashpoint or pvp and in the middle of a mob or area where we can just open up our mission items and click the GSI link.



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