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Looking for progression guild


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Hello POT5,


I am searching for a NiM progression team. I am currently on the Harbringer, but am unable to find a compatible fit. I main an Operative Healer, who is geared in mostly 186s, with some 180. I am 4/5 NiM DP, and 4/5 NiM DF . 5/7 NiM S&V, 3/5 NiM TFB, DE 1/1, Pulls on HE. Only looking for guilds who are at least 4/5 NiM DF and a minimum of 1/5 NiM DP. I also have 180 bis sin tank, jugg dps and 180/186 sorc heals. I have played every ac to 55. My availibility is Friday-Sunday, but I can make Tues/Thurs if I have to. Weekend times are currently 6pm-11pm PST, Weekdays 7pm-10pm. Thank you for your time. If interested, pm me or send a ingame to dójó on the harbringer. The o's are alt 162

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