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Conquest Achievements doesnt work(help please)


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Hello folks,


I recently noticed I have many Conquest missions to complete with nice rewards. (By pressing L-log- there's

a tab called "conquest" I dont think this there before, havent played swtor for long time) so I selected and

tracked "Complete any starfighter match" I did twice (both lose and win) and I see the "Achievement Completed"

in comment section during the match(this message appeard when match finished) but when I returned to

DK, mission still stays active and un-changed. I also didnt get any reward..This is weird


I dont have guild, maybe thats why?


Thanks in advance

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Keep in mind though that this resets every Monday. So the 2 space missions you did yesterday no longer count.


Yes, this too... I'm still at work and feels like Sunday still lol.


The conquest weeks start at 5 am PDT / 8 am EDT every Tuesday morning, and lockout on Monday mornings at the same time. There is a 24 hour lockout time that no points will be earned before the next conquest week starts.

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When you look at each objectives, you might see an infinity symbol or an x symbol. Infinity means its repeatable and thus the moment you complete the objectives, you can do it again. So it will never say complete, but the points you earned is tallied immediately. Although having a counter showing how many times you have done it would be nice.


The x symbol though is a bit annoying, its legacy wide, so if one of your character completes it, none of you alts can do it either. Wished it was one per character instead.


Anyway, I had this question asked in my guild many times.

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