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A Grand Apprentice Tournament - 1900 BST, Saturday, 11th October


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Know that the time has come once more. The reconstructed Jedi Temple of Tython hosts a tournament of martial skill! The chance is there for students of all to sharpen their abilities, and witness new and unfamiliar techniques. And though the Tournament seeks to honour the purity of lightsaber combat, all are welcome to watch, or - if they are a bladesman - to enter and take part according to the ancient rules.


So come!


Location: The Training Arenas, Jedi Temple, Tython


Time and Date: Saturday, October 11th, 1900 GMT


Judges and Entrants to arrive at 1820-1830




OOC Talk




Hello! I'm Alen, guild leader of the Jedi guild, the Lost Praxeum. I'm trying to reach as many guilds with a strong Jedi presence as I can. Here's how we're going to try and do this.


What I'm looking for is groups of entrants from guilds with Jedi. Ideally, no more than THREE per guild. Hopefully, that will give every guild involved a strong presence in the event, while keeping things to a manageable size. Your guild can choose those three any way they like; set up your own mini-tournament, pick names out of a hat, take volunteers, anything works! Hopefully, you've got plenty of time.


We have two basic categories: Basic Student for those whose skills are still a bit raw and may not have a Master yet, and Veteran Student, for those who have received some tuition and have more developed skills. Let me know which your entrants are!


What I'd also ask for are two or three Judge volunteers per guild, as well - Masters or senior Knights. We'll organise Judges into panels of three, usually made up of different guilds, and these judges will score the lightsaber bouts. We'll be using as many arenas as we need to, to keep this manageable!


Do try and get the names of your entrants and judges to me before the day of the event. This means we can organise everything relatively smoothly. It's a bit restrictive to limit entrants in this way, I admit, but I'm keen to include as many different guilds as possible. Send me a PM with your entrants and judge volunteers.


If you're not part of a guild with a heavy Jedi influence, but you ARE a Jedi Initiate, Jedi Padawan, or some other sort of swordfighter, and would like to enter, send me a mail anyway! There may well be a place for you.


More details here. Aside from that - any and all spectators are welcome. Come watch your Guild's entrants, or just enjoy the spectacle!






The lightsaber bouts themselves will be conducted using emote-combat, with /emotes and attacks used to give it all visual flavour. The entrants will be arranged into a series of one-on-one duels, each of which will last 25-30 minutes or until a winning strike is made. Their objective is simple: to try to disarm or land a disabling strike on their opponent in that time, while abiding by the standard sparring rules:


- Do not leave the Arena

- Do not use the Force for anything but basic physical enhancement

- Stop fighting when your opponent calls Solah.






Judges will be asked to give each entrant scores of 5 in the following categories:




- how clever and succinct a player's written emotes are

- how imaginative they are in using attacks to create visual flavour

- points lost for writing too much, or emoting plainly, without much imagination




- how smart and tactically aware a player is in combat

- how well they react to the other player's emotes

- points lost for fighting with unnecessary brutality




- how well a player seems to know lightsaber combat

- how a player is able to direct the flow of the fight

- Whether or not a player succeeds in landing a victorious hit

- points lost for emoting moves that just don't seem to make sense




- how cool-headed a character is, before, during or after the bout

- how closely they abide by the duelling rules and good manners

- whether a player is willing to emote good moves on their opponent's part having an effect

- points lost for using dirty fighting or potentially dangerous moves


These points will be collated into a total score that'll both reflect the character's ability with the lightsaber, and the player's abilities as a roleplayer. It's intentionally difficult to get a perfect score; some people will naturally be better at some things than others, and that's fine!






Though the Jedi would not glorify violence, keeping one's own skills and the skills of others sharp is especially important in a time of war, and appreciating the achievements of others is a worthy thing, as well as giving young Jedi a chance to impress a potential Master. Do feel free to gather before the start time of 1900, especially if you want to take part - but if you can't make the time, do try to come along anyway! Maybe you'll get a chance as a late entrant.


The hope is for various different Jedi guilds to meet and how that we're all pretty cool, and I hope you'll come along and mingle with us as we watch the tournament play out. This is a chance to get as many Jedi guilds in one place at the same time!

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NB: If you're short on students, or you have only a few potential entrants because you're a guild wih a more general focus on Republic RP, don't worry! As long as you can let me know who your guild is entering, it doesn't matter if there's only one or two. :) We still want to see you there!
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