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Hook Limit and the 100% completion


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it is really sad to look at some of the publicly listed Strongholds out there.

Most of 'em are just crammed with stuff and are not really an inspiration to look at.


What I would want to see is a differentiation between the Hook limit what you can place in your stronghold and the 100% completion, because this prompts player to cram their holds rather then furnish it... (more completion => more stronghold bonus > more guild bonus).


I'd like to see a differentiation lile this (based on the Nar Shaddar stronghold):

You have 9 rooms. To reach 100% you have to use 405 hooks in your stronghold (that's 45 usable hooks per room on average)

The upper limit of placeable hooks is 475 hooks at the moment, so there won't be any need to use every available hook just to get to the 100%.


After all, what does the amount of chairs has to do with the effectiveness of my stronghold? :p

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