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Possible Companion Additions


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Not sure if there is another thread for this somewhere. I'm sure there is and I'm sure someone must've had this idea already. If so, sorry. If not..well here ya go.


First off, I'd like to say the quest line to unlock HK was kinda fun and was cool to have a story to go along with unlocking another companion. It'd be cool to bring that back in some shape and form.


I was thinking of adding not just one but TWO new companions. A brother and sister team. Both able to be romanced by both genders. As I've saw that being kinda added in with some of the new content and people have been asking for that for some time.


Anyway, as for the story to spice things up...say both of them are on the run or perhaps enemies at first. And at some point you have to choose between one or the other...but here's the kicker. Whichever one you don't get then you can unlock later. Both could be LS and DS choice neutral but really overall it could be interesting to see who is the first one people pick up.


As for role they could be whatever. We have HK which is an awesome pure dps and Treek which is an amazing Heals/Tank.


So maybe a pure healer or a pure tank?


HK stat focus is cunning/aim so what about one or two that focus strength/willpower or some other crazy but interesting combination like: Strength/Cunning and Willpower/Aim or something of that sort.


Back to overall story. Not all force users are Jedi and Sith, there are some Dark Jedi/Rouges out there...so what if we manage a way to pull one into our services. It'd be kinda cool to have a force user companion especially as a non-force user class. The conversations could be hilarious me thinks.


If you haven't done the forged alliances storyline and don't want any spoilers about the new enemies please avoid the spoiler.


Or perhaps with the start of this new storyline they even could be revanites who we get to join us instead.



Anyway, that's my little rant and kinda interesting idea at least to me. Knowing me, I know I jumped around alot and most likely missed something to add. -le sigh- Either where there is my two cents. If all of it is possible that awesome. If some of it is then cool. If none of it is then that's still okay! One can always dream

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