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So, something unexpected...


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Remember crazy old Spindrall, the hermit prophet that all Sith Inquisitors get sent sent to see and talk with before they eventually leave Korriban? You know the guy, never give him a second thought after you finish his quest.


He sent me mail today.


It's a bit spoiler-y, so I'll be hiding it, but gosh darn, I wasn't expecting 'that.'


Spindrall: A vision



With all who have passed through the catacombs in search of my wisdom, you might think I would forget a single acolyte. In truth, I remember every last one. I am not in the habit of corresponding with them, however--nor with anyone else, for that matter.


You have surely learned a great deal to have catapulted yourself into the Dark Council in so brief a span. But there is always more to learn.


The Force roils and convulses like never before. I reached out to study its peculiar activity, and in turn it showed me what is to come. You stand on a moon, defiantly, before one who is not one. You do not stand alone, but you fail all the same.


This fate appears unavoidable... but avoid it you must.



I've only done it on my Sorc, any other strange letters to be found yet?

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Last I checked, we received an e-mail from someone who made an appearance during our class stories for the previous parts of Forged Alliances.


Why is this unexpected again?


I also got one from my class story..


It basically said that:


Lana Beniko had been seen on Tatooine, and departed with a Wookie pilot



Poor Lana. :p


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