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The Awakening


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Screams were heard. People were yelling, fighting, dying.


Jessica ran. She felt the screams catching her, she turned and darted around a tree and kept to sprinting. The air was growing cold. The light was dim and fading, yet she ran. She ran for everything she was worth putting her mind and body into it. Her heart was scared as hell and had fled long before the other two.


She ignored the sounds of death around her; tears streaming from her face, she just ran as hard and as fast as she could. Her body was growing heavy and her mind numb. But as she stumbled a sharp voice was heard; as if spoken next to her ear.




Her eyes snapped open but not in time to prevent her fall, she felt her leg snap under her and she was thrown hard into the mud. Her head hit a tree trunk with a solid crack. She rolled over and her leg twisted in impossible ways under her. The pain set in moments later as she tried to stand but her leg bent and twisted throwing her to the ground once again.


She gritted her teeth and finally screamed her pain into the air. Her brain was numb to the sights around her and everything became a blur as the throb of a headache pushed its way through her mind and caused her to put a hand to her head where it had hit the tree. Blood was pouring down her face. She knew she was hurt much worse than how bad it looked, and it she was sure it looked very, very bad.


Jessica's hands lifted to a branch of a nearby shrub; which snapped under her weight throwing her back into the mud. She heard thunder overhead and knew the rain would damn her. She couldn't remember why... but the rain... She hated rain. She lay for a moment wondering why she hated the rain; before her will kicked in. She pushed to a crawl, her leg being hauled through the mud behind her.


She cocked her head to the side and through a side glance saw just how badly her leg was.... screwed. She closed her eyes knowing she could not run and could barely move. Tears sprang from the tightly shut corners of her eyes her shoulders racked with an intense sense of failure. But her jaw set.


She… would… endure….!!


She heard the sounds of battle and through her delirious haze ponderously gritted her teeth. She grabbed a sword from a nearby corpse and thrust it into the trunk of a tree. She hauled herself to her feet; screaming as she went. The sight of her leg unfolding from an impossible position under her was creepy. But her scream illustrated the pain felt as she did so.


Sight became white; vision faded and was replaced by the inexplicable pain. Her sensation faded replaced by an uproarious cry.


“He's dead!” “We've won” “Keep charging!”

A dozen other cries were heard, they had won.


Her last thought was of why she felt like crying….


More voices were heard but they couldn't penetrate the deep sense of loss she felt...


“Where is Devora?” Find her! String her high!!!"


There was a sensation. It started as a tug before it became a rip. It started to shred through emotion causing all of them at once. Laughing, crying, screaming, singing, in this radical instant it blended together into a constant white haze.


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