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<BlitsKrieg> Recruiting Raiders for HM ad Nightmare Content


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BlitsKrieg is looking for experienced raiders to fill the following openings in our raid groups.


Tues/Wed/Thurs Raid: Nightmare progression group, newly formed.

Openings: 1 DPS (any), 1 Healer (merc or operative)

Requirements: 8/10 HM is a must for this group. DPS need to parse at least 3k DPS. Heals need to have experience in nightmare progression, either in pre-nerf DF or previous tiers.


Open recruitment:

Sunday Guild PUG: This is a weekly run of HM DF/DP for gear, fun, mounts, experience, and mats. We are open to bringing in newer/less experienced raiders on this run.


Guild Conquest: May start looking to participate in this further in the future. However, currently, we are looking to put together groups to farm commanders one or two nights of the week so we can further expand our guild ship.


Please visit us at http://blitskrieg.enjin.com/ to apply for any of these openings (state what opening you're applying for), or contact Arcusic, or Cross-Hair in game.

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