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PvP damage taken medals


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As the title suggests, I'd love it if you were to obtain medals based off of the damage taken in warzones. Call it a 'survivor' medal or something. I'd even take 'punching bag'.


Running as a healer in warzones, a mercenary healer to boot, I regularly see myself taken anywhere from 200k to 800k more in damage than the next highest person in the warzone, even if and when that other person is also a healer. It would be nice to obtain a little incentive to keep playing a healer considering we are usually the first to be targeted and focus fired on during any warzone or arena.


Besides, I noticed that some of the Conquest points have to be earned by actually landing Killing Blows in warzones, how do you expect a healers to even compete with that? This would at least add a little reward for us.

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