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Assassin PvP Youtube channel!!!


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Hello everyone!


So recently I've manage to scrape the time together to try to reboot my channel and start making videos. The channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/KeisteSnipes36. I will be able to post a new video every friday, and who knows if more time comes along I would be able to upload even more!


What to expect:

Deception PvP is my primary role. I tend to not stray from that. Some people have very strong opinions on deception assassins and I get that, you don't have to watch my videos if you don't want to. Also, good electronic music, duel guides against classes/specs, arena guides (maybe), collabs with other youtubers, pvp movies, and eventually pub pvp.


How to help:

Simply viewing my videos are extremely supportive! I don't intend to make this my job, I love my current job too much and I want to continue college and studying. I'm doing this purely for a hobby and the fact that I really like to edit videos. With viewing my channel, hitting subscribe or like is also another extremely supportive thing you could do to help me, the channel, and the SWTOR community grow!



Everyone has opinions and you're entitled to them! However, try not be offensive. There is a difference between criticism and hate :).



If you want to get ahold of me you could tweet me, comment on the videos, talk to me ingame, and comment on this thread! ** It may take me a while to respond to twitter :o **


Thanks for taking the time to read this! Hope you guys enjoy the videos! :D




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