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Looking to join a CST Republic guild...


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I am hoping to join up with a Republic guild that does most of their guild related activities based on a central standard timezone schedule. I work during the day (and have a long commute) so my playtime is limited to around 7:30pm-1:00am CST. I have a funny work schedule, my weekend is actually Monday & Tuesday, so those days I am available anytime.


I have a 55 commando(dps/healing), 55 Sage(healing), 55 Guardian(Tank/dps) and 55 Smuggler (gunslinger dps) along with some up and coming alts. My 55's are ready for DP/DF story mode, my commando is ready for at least DP/DF hard mode as he is mostly in 180's. My other toons are pretty well in 168's but still need a lot of work.


I have recently started a crafting blitz with the onset of the new expansion. Many of my crafting skills on my alts and main toons have hit or are close to hitting 450. In the short term, this is my main focus as i am trying to get my new pad on Coruscant pimped out!


I am a helpful player who helps guildies when they need help. I am not much of a pvp'er but will play when groups form up. I am well established in GSF. As far as PVE goes, i do lots of flashpoints, I know TFB/SNV very well and I want to gain more experience in DP/DF. I have done DF/DP but I am not yet familiar with it like i am with TFB/SNV.


If you think I would be a good fit in your guild, i would be interested in hearing from you. Please respond here or contact me ingame via the following toons: Mulgan, Rapturas, Concelia, or Maelstromas.



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Noble-Team is recruiting.



Most of our members are in EST/CST/MST Timezones, so aside from your weekends being Mon/Tues, I think most of what your looking for we have to offer and would be a good fit.


Currently we’re looking for all roles For CONQUEST, FP, PVP, Space PVP and Operations.


* We have no set attendance requirements. You don't have to participate in operations unless you want to.

* Our only requirement is that if you do want to run the OPS, you have to have mumble to at least listen to the team.

- We currently have an active pool large enough to do both 8 man and/or 16 man raids depending on attendance.

* Our Mumble is active throughout the week (Primarily from 5PM EST to about 11PM EST).


If you interested, either fill out an app on our site, or Whisper myself, Nene, or Slicerella if we are on.

You can do a "/who noble-team" in the chat window for a list of people online in the guild. Except for new recruits, almost anyone can give you invites and info if an officer isn't around.

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Flirtin with Disaster is looking for a few more players to join our small group of friends. We are cst/mtn time zones so when we get raids scheduled they normally happen around 930 cst to 11 or 12. I also have Monday and Tuesdays off for the most part at my job so we have started trying to raid on my nights off, but will also be setting up special raid nights when we can. If you want to know more or have any questions message me in game as Ryccer, or send me a message here in the forums.

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