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[Republic] The Last Centurions looking for a NiM tank


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The Last Centurions [Republic] are looking for a tank for our Nightmare Raid team. This team runs Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:30 PM PT . This team was 4/5 DF pre-nerf, but has had numerous departures that have kept us from running consistently. Let me know if interested.


We are also looking for Conquest participants. We will be a little picky here as we're going for quality and want to maintain our guild culture, but if interested fill out an application and we can talk more.


The guild has generous repair funds for raiders, has our guild shipped deployed and has plenty of activities when not completing raids (PVP, World Bosses, Open World PVP, Monday night IMP runs). We run HMs for gearing alts and new players ~2 times per week and one dedicated conquest night.


If interested in applying or learning more please write me, whisper me or mail in game or check out: http://thelastcenturions.enjin.com/home


I'm happy to talk to anyone interested

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