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respawn timer


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Waves. Respawn waves.


It's a system where players are given the green light to respawn at periodic times.


Simplified version :

- if you die "when the light is red", you have a countdown.

- if you happen to die "while the light is green" you can respawn instantly.


Concretely, if you die 9s before the next wave, you'll have a 9s countdown. If you die 6s before the wave, the countdown will be of 6s. If you die during the wave, countdown is at 0s.


To be more accurate, it seems more like a pass given at some periodic times, and that does not expire (once your countdown reached 0, you aren't limited to respawn during green light time)


But no math. Just a set amount of time between waves.

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I agree, it seems to be done in waves in some semblance of an effort to encourage team play. Basically if everyone's respawn timer was based on when they died you'd have people coming in ones and twos all the time. Whereas a wave means you'll likely spawn in a slightly larger group (I think it also gives the other team some breathing room if they successfully repel an assault).
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