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[Suggestion] Personnel - Player Character


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Based on how players can place companions in strongholds, I thought of something that I've REALLY been wanting to be able to do: place my own various characters in my strongholds.


I'm not entirely sure what the best way to set it up would be, from a coding perspective, as it would involve something variable. It may require adding an additional set of options when placing certain types of personnel, which if implemented could allow for selection from a variety of appearances. I do know that a similar mechanic to stronghold companion personnel could be used to turn placed characters into holograms when the corresponding character is present.


Despite any potential technical design issues, what I would like is the ability for a player to place their own characters in their strongholds, or even those of others if they have a key and permission to place/modify the personnel. However, which characters get displayed may be an option only available to the stronghold owner or high-level key holders.


Additionally, I would love if there were some means to make stronghold personnel non-static, such as interacting with a computer or chair or firing on a firing range target, even if the player has to set the animation manually. Perhaps this could tie in with how player character personnel could be decided; via an extra set of options when placed or manipulated in the stronghold decoration system.

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