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Temple Guardian's Armor Set (Needs to be corrected/fixed)


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I've noticed this awhile back but the "Temple Guardian's Robes" don't cover/wrap around your legs half way around like they do in the Concept Art, which i thought lookt pretty cool there. At first i thought it was because BioWare/EA couldn't do it within the Game Engine because it would conflict with the Cloth Simulation in Engine but now seeing the "Agile Reconnaissance's Armor Set" doing the exact thing like in the Concept Art for the "Temple Guardian's Armor Set" i know that this isn't the case anymore and would like that to be correct.


Will provide a Screenshot Comparison of the two in-game armor sets and the concept art.




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This seems to come down to the fabric animation created by the Devs. Temple Guardian follows the same basic

Robe template in that conical shape around the legs. This allows for standing,walking, etc, with armored greaves

or a lower robe (skirt.) The Agile Recon does look good with the unique front of the legs look, but has a LOT of

Trouble accommodating armor or robes. It really comes down to fabric animation vs real time physics, the physics

We don't truly have for fabrics as far as I understand, so the conical animation helps reduce clipping with armor and

Lower robes. At least that's what I think I understand, someone else might be more knowledgable about this.

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