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Been back going on 6 months and STILL my achievements bugged...


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Title says it all


Been back for going on 6 months

bug reported, filled ticket, made post, sent in report, EVERYTHING


so you could fix BUG that causes my legacy 50 to not be recognized and the achievement to not be granted


Ive done the work you all should have done from day one, redoing all my achievements and more


but this one is 100% on you as I CANT earn more legacy xp


I'm legacy 50 and capped

but achievements read as legacy 0


Which disqualifies me for other achievements as legacy 50 is a pre requisite


So since this IS NOT a new bug


was a KNOWN BUG long before I returned


How about you all, I dont know, FIX THE BUG ALREADY


Im not asking for anything unreasonable or outrageous with this request

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