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When deciding on which class to play keep ALL OPTIONS open


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Third time's the charm they say. I finally found what works for me, and the game now delivers fun suggested by the incredible immersion. When I decided to try SWTOR again, I looked at what my playstyle seemed to be from my previous 2 attempts and what did not work. I really wanted to be a Force user because they define what SW is for me. Second, I always prefer ranged combat capability where possible. Third, I decided a tank might have the toughness needed to survive in the game. Looking at those 3 criteria the choice was obvious, but ironically I had played every class / specialization BUT that in previous tries. Now my characters have made it farther than I have ever gotten and I am enjoying the game.


The point of all this is for new players: Do not give up until you have tried every class/specialization available if need be. When you find the class/specialization that works for YOU this is easily the best MMO out right now.

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