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[Conquest Missions] Commanders should award us with Conquest Points when defeated


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Killing Nameless and Named Commanders should give Conquest points.I mean the Commanders are part of the Conquest Event so why not award us with Points for killing them.


We should of a daily and weekly for killing Commanders.


Nameless Commanders

Daily 0/1 = 2 000 Points per player

Weekly 0/5 = 4 000 Points per player


Named Commanders

Daily 0/2 = 3 000 Points per player

Weekly 0/3 = 5 000 Points per player


With Dailies and Weeklies in place for Commanders we should see more people fighting for the Commanders on various planets.Furthermore, Bioware might want to add more Commanders on each planet,like maybe 3 or something.The numbers aren't whats important,maybe they can tweak the numbers but I just wanted to share my idea on the forums.

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