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<The Ancient Darkness> is recruiting


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Ancient Darkness is made up of experienced gamers who enjoy playing together, having fun and focusing on endgame progression. We are currently in a rebuilding stage after many raiders took a break from the game.


Who We Are...


We are a group of gamers that have experience with a wide variety of MMOs. Most of us have experience with endgame progression raiding. We also just have a lot of fun together. There’s always a group of people in TeamSpeak. We run flashpoint/dailies/PvP together on non-raid nights. We’re helpful to those who are still gearing for Ops (Don’t be afraid to ask!).


What Type of Gamer Are You?


There are gamers that only want to do Conquest events, or only want to craft and make money, or only want to raid whenever they have time. We welcome you all. Our main goal is to create a guild of friends. We want guildies to feel like they are an integral part of the guild. When they log into the game, we want them to feel like they are going to hang out with their friends.


If you are (or think you are) into progression raiding, please understand that it is not for everyone. It takes a level of commitment -- to the game, to each other, to getting better. Our in-game goals are to progress through endgame content, but we want to do it with people we enjoy playing with.


Raiding with AD


As stated, we are currently rebuilding our teams. Before we took a break our main team was working on HM DF and DP (this was before NM was available). Now we are looking to continue to progress. We will actively recruit and build new teams as long as we are able to effectively manage the teams.


Raid Rules

  • Show up on time and ready to raid.
  • Know the fights (watch videos, read, whatever you do) before you show up to a raid.
  • We require TeamSpeak. You must be able to listen; talking is optional.


Progression Raid Expectations

  • Progression raiding is not for everyone. It requires commitment and dedication and work.
  • If you commit to a raid team, you are committing to the 7 other people on your team. Don’t make them wait. Don’t make them miss a day of raiding because you decided to do something else.
  • Know your class. Know the fights. Get better.
  • Get to know your team members. Learning how to be a cohesive team is half the battle.
  • Don’t be an ******.


If you are the type of player who enjoys progressing and getting better, who is not afraid of commitment or challenges, then AD is what you need. We do not want people who will give up because something is too hard. If interested look me up in game (Fibbos or Zéebo) or at http://theancientdarkness.enjin.com

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