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Conquest Point Suggestions


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As it seems there will be some revisiting for patch 2.10, lets post ideas/suggestions for the points systems.


Currently it seems to be that crafting is far too efficient. If you have 3 or 4 people feeding one crafter you can easily put up huge points, even this week week without a bonus to crafting. We only have one member this week really pushing crafting and I believe he's already over 1 million himself. My suggestion would be to bump up the time it take to craft all War Supplies to be the same as Invasion Forces. This would naturally throttle production while allowing crafting to remain viable. You could still put up a respectable score for the week with nothing but crafting.


For PvE an PvP objectives I like the idea of tying the majority of them to the Daily and Weekly as suggested by others elsewhere. Some adjusting of the points may be needed. A 55 HM FP should be worth more than a 50 HM FP and less than an operation. There should also be one time objectives for boss(es) in HM/NiM Operations. This aspect of the game has been completely missing from conquests so far. It appears it's already possible as there were points for the bonus bosses in HM FPs this week. Giving some incentive to HM and NiM Operations should be included and not just in one or two of the conquest weeks.


I don't like the one time objectives at all personally. If they can't be converted to a character by character unlock they should be made repeatable with potentially higher bench mark. Instead of kill 25 guards, make it 2000pts for every 50 you kill or something along those lines. Only allowing one Toborro's Courtyard per legacy seemed like an odd way to do the objectives. Potentially save the one time objective for HM versions so you can get choose to get points from the weekly in SM as well as doing the HM for an extra boost.

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